Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Earth's Pole Shifting and Effects

Earth is the home for every living creature. Here we can live life the way we wanted. We are very lucky to have a wonderful planet. Have you heard about Earth's Pole Shifting?

If you still do not heard about it I am going to discuss about Earth's Pole Shift.

Earth has a magnetic field. This magnetic field is composed of two poles, the north pole and the south pole. If we say POLE SHIFT it is a reversal of Poles. Instead you see North Pole above the Earth, you will now see it below the earth. North Pole will be called South Pole same as South Pole will be called North Pole.

Magnetic field is a shield of the Earth against Sun's solar flares. Imagine the planets that do not have magnetic field such as mercury, venus, mars, etc. they look like a dessert. You cannot see living organisms in that particular planets. Earth would be like those planets if there would be no magnetic field.

We are hoping that this would not happen because this could create a huge devastating effect to earth in which billions of living things may die. 

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Facebook is the leading social site now a days. It is one of the most preferred by everyone because of the great features that you can see. It is a free social site. Anytime you can register for free.

Inside Facebook you can see many information that would change your life. Some are good but some are not.

Facebook is a good way to communicate wherever you are in the world. There, you can find as many friends as you want.

But there are many PROS and CONS of facebook. It is up to you to determine what are those.

I am also using facebook and I find it interesting. Until Facebook TIMELINE came, I always heard questions such as:
  • How to remove timeline at Facebook?
  • How to disable/enable facebook timeline?

That is why I wonder why would they install timeline in their profile if they will just removed it? Well, Never mind that lets get to the topic removing Facebook Timeline.

Here are some tips to remove time line at facebook:

1. Head over the Facebook developer web page, log in and click on Edit App.
2. On the left side of the screen, click Delete App.
3.  In the dialog box, click Confirm and the just click Okay.

And there you have it you can make your facebook timeline disable/enable.

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Buying Cabal PH ALZ - Saturn Server

I am playing CABAL PH online if I do not have nothing to do. I found this game really interesting. All the graphics, skills, upgrades, everything is just awesome. I am still a noob at this game. I got osmium +6 in my gear but I need to get good gear better than this.

I need ALZ so that I can buy good equipments. In present, I still do not find any trusted site that sells CABAL PH Alz. Most of them are scam. I am willing to buy ALZ from Iligan City and CDO Area.

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