Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Buying Cabal PH ALZ - Saturn Server

I am playing CABAL PH online if I do not have nothing to do. I found this game really interesting. All the graphics, skills, upgrades, everything is just awesome. I am still a noob at this game. I got osmium +6 in my gear but I need to get good gear better than this.

I need ALZ so that I can buy good equipments. In present, I still do not find any trusted site that sells CABAL PH Alz. Most of them are scam. I am willing to buy ALZ from Iligan City and CDO Area.

If you are selling alz feel free to text me @ 09204406765 . I am hoping that this can help not only me but also to others who are willing to buy ALZ.

Please comment only related to topic.  THANKS


  1. How much does a regular character would cost if you buy it with real money. I have seen a video of this game and i find it very interesting. I will surely get this game and play it with my friends.

    Hope to see some feedbacks here.

  2. Playing games in online and in mobile's is not the big stuff, there lot of new games, i also played these game, but i couldn't able to understand why need to buy. the game is very interesting.

    1. Yes you are right. This is not a big stuff. But for me-- I really love this game and I wanted to do anything to get stronger in the game. It does not mean that I am spending a lot on this game- I only spend if I have some extras.